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Design Week 2021

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Design Week 2021

The annual Wuxi Jinmao Design week took place during June 21-23, 2021 and came to a successful conclusion with the presence of all design teams from US, UK, HK, China.

Due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions around the world, we chose to conduct the online presentation.

Mr. Yang Nan, Chairman of Wuxi Jinmao delivered the of opening speech at Design week, welcoming all the designers to exchange any inspiration, innovative ideas and concepts together.

The design week mainly include below presentations:

l  Topics on June 21st, 2021:

1)   Wuxi development & design overview;

2)   FA22 Women's & Kids sleepwear trends;

3)   Performance & sustainable fabric for sleepwear/loungewear;

4)   3D design & virtual display;

5)   E-commerce explore

l  Topics on June 22nd, 2021:

1)   Application of garment wash in sleepwear;

2)   Pets/ Hardline team presentation; Pets UK/US team presentation; Pet bed new development presentation;

3)   Apparel business update and design strategies brief;

4)   Apparel design and trends presentation for Womenswear

5)   Colsie Business Vendor Design Overview;

6)   Kids Holiday Assortment Review;

7)   3D application;

8)   Hardline/pets products business update and design strategies brief

9)   PM&J hardline/pets products design and trends presentation.

l  The topics on June 23rd, 2021:

1)   Gap/ON update and overview

2)   fabric business Brief update(separate by China & Ethiopia), raw material sourcing and development strategies

3)   New performance finishing for shirt fabric

4)   Update from NY team

A.   Business update/ future strategies

B.   Design and Trends presentation

-      Men’s Fall 22 sports/ casual: fabric/ trend presentation:

-      Boys Summer 22 (Gap) fabric/trend presentation:    

-      Women’s Spring/ Summer 22(JCP) fabric/ trend presentation

-      Women’s/teens/girls: Summer 22 sleep /lounge wear trend presentation

If you have any interest in any design deck, feel free to contact us. Thanks.



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