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¡¡¡¡¡ñ Wuxi Jinmao Co., Ltd was founded in July 1993. The company started with fabric manufacturing. Our garment business started from 1995, while pet business started from 1997, and became a professional integrated industrial and trade enterprise mainly specializing in fabrication, garment and pet appliances. The business turnover was over US$200 million of the year 2016; and in 2017, this figure was increased to US$242.47 million and was further increased to US$300 million. In June 2016, Wuxi Jinmao Co.,Ltd was cited as ¡°Outstanding Collective of National Textile Industry¡± and ranked 78th of all the Chinese enterprises of exporting of textile and garment in the year of 2017.

¡¡¡¡¡ñ The company has production facilities of fabric, apparel and pet products in China, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Vietnam Ethiopia and USA.

¡¡¡¡¡ñ The company has a comprehensive global purchasing supply chain, supported by our offices in the US, the UK, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam.

     ¡ñ The company comes out first of the total volume annual exports of shirt fabrication. We are one of the Top 5 sleepwear/loungewear manufacturers and the biggest pet beds manufacturer in China.

     ¡ñ As the business center of Wuxi Jinmao Co., Ltd, Wuxi Jinmao Foreign Trade Co., Ltd is responsible for contacting and offering service to customers, managing designs, production plan and quality.

     ¡ñ Seven Core Competence:

     - Professional productivity in textile products

     - Innovation in fabrication

     - Ability to innovate and design

     - Capability of prompt reaction

     - Global supply chain

     - Distribution, delivery and filling capabilities in the US

     - Leading position in sustainability

     ¡ñ Core Companies in our Vertical Supply Chain:
       Wuxi Jinmao Foreign Trade Co., Ltd
       Wuxi Jinmao Garment Co., Ltd
       Wuxi Jinmao Pet Product Co., Ltd
       Changzhou Jinmao Yarn Dyed Co., Ltd
       Zhenjiang Jinmao Weiye Artware Co., Ltd
       JP (Ethiopian) Textile Co. LTD
       JP (USA) Fulfillment Logistics, LLC
       PM&J, LLC
       Wuxi Jinmao NY Office
       Wuxi Jinmao UK Office
       Wuxi Jinmao Vietnam Office
       Wuxi Jinmao Bangladesh Office
       Wuxi Jinmao Cambodia


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